About Us


As the innovative leader in the specialty beverage category, Dr. Smoothie Brands broke new ground in 1997 with the introduction of the shelf stable fruit smoothie concentrate with no artificial ingredients.

In 2001, maintaining the company mantra that “everything we do has a healthy twist” Cafe Essentials introduced a frappe line with 15% to 25% less sugar and up to 50% less fat than the competition.

In 2003 we introduced 100% Crushed, a 100% fruit smoothie meeting the “Five a Day” daily fruit recommendation per 20 oz.

Innovation continued in 2009 when the entire Cafe Essentials frappe and hot beverage Program featured NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners & NO artificial colors , while continuing with less fat and sugar.

As the public searches for “cleaner labels” and more pure products, Dr. Smoothie Brands responds in 2012 with the CRUSHED ready-to-drink. Featuring natural fruit nutrition instead of synthetic vitamins. This clean label, authentic platform brings exciting tastes, textures, and aromas from around the world.

Excess calorie content is on everyone’s mind, so Dr. Smoothie Brands developed FIT-LYTE, a 35% to 55% reduced calorie smoothie with stevia, white tea, and coconut water.

And more is on the way, we promise…

What really sets Dr. Smoothie Brands apart from other companies? Great tasting healthy beverages from people who care and treat you right, all at a great value.