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Decaf Ja' Mocha (3.5 lb. Bag)

Decaf Ja' Mocha (3.5 lb. Bag)
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Decaf Ja' Mocha is an exceptional blend of rich Ghirardelli Cocoa combined with a deep, dark roast Columbian coffee. Rich, creamy and satisfying...For that great “coffee house” taste, just say “Ja’Mocha”! (59 12oz servings)


Cafe Essentials Mochas have a nice, strong "from nature" taste profile. Our products exhibit a full, rich milk based taste profile made with water. When you make our mochas with milk, they are ultradecadent and even more ice creamy. Considerably less in fat than the competition, we represent the "better for you" indulgent treat. Enjoy!



Artisan Craftsmanship

A coffee roaster puts their love and care into cupping coffee for the best beans and roast. From our private factory, the Cafe Essentials Artisan "cups" every batch to assure its customers the best flavor profile.

It's All About Taste & Good Health

Leading the healthy revolution is Cafe Essentials, with 10% to 25% less sugar, less calories, and up to 50% less fat than most frappes. Cafe Essentials is the first and original brand featuring NO Artificial flavors, NO Artificial sweeteners, and NO Artificial colors in the specialty beverage category.

More Concentrated

Our blends are more concentrated. Most companies need two 70cc scoops to make a drink when Cafe Essentials can be made with two 26cc to 53cc scoops.


Our hallmark is strong taste profiles. All mocha products have coffee in them at varying strengths.

From strongest coffee to least: Ja' Mocha, Cocoa'ccino, Mocha Java, Milk Chocolate Mocha.
Short Flavor Profiles
  • Coffee-Cocoa: Ja' Mocha, has a coffee-cocoa profile
  • Cocoa-Coffee with more Dairy: Cocoa'ccino
  • Cocoa-Coffee: Mocha Java, Cocoa'ccino, Milk Chocolate Mocha
  • Base products: Milk Chocolate Mocha, Mocha Java, but all our products love your espresso in it!


Set your blender to longer cycle, 35 seconds or more, and your mochas & lattes will come out much more creamy and smooth.

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