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Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry
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FIT-LYTE is a fresh fruit tasting smoothie with stevia and a white tea-coconut water infusion. We cut the sugar, not the fruit!

FIT-LYTE is only 200 calories while other smoothies can pack a whopping 300 to 460 calories per 16 oz serving.

With fruit, white tea, and coconut water, FIT-LYTE gives you the antioxidants and electro-LYTES your body craves.

From the Fit minded to those simply watching their calories;now everyone can enjoy the health benefits of a fruit smoothie.

Don’t discount FIT-LYTE because it has low calories. Do a taste comparison today. FIT-LYTE has the same great taste of vineripened fruit that Dr. Smoothie is known for.



Blending Preparation

Adjust the ice or product portions to arrive at the proper taste profile that is not too sweet or too weak. For a 16oz cup use 8oz FIT-LYTE, 20oz cup uses 10oz FIT-LYTE etc. Adjust to taste

Free Pour

Measure 1/2 of the cup size (8oz for 16, 9oz for 18 etc) in a measuring cup, then pour over ice. Mark that fill line as a sample, and pour to that line going forward. Blend & serve. Depending on your type of ice, adjust with more or less ice, product or add water. Enjoy!


The FIT-LYTE Ultimate Smoothie
With pre & pro-biotics, protein and fiber
  • • Put desired amount of ice in cup
  • • Add 1 scoop Yogurt Lover's Plus Concentrate
  • • Fill cup with FIT-LYTE smoothie mix
  • • Blend
Enjoy a rich, creamy indulgent tasting fruit smoothie: only 225 calories per 16 oz... with added benefits.

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