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Carrot-Orange Vegetable Medley

Carrot-Orange Vegetable Medley
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An enticingly complex assortment from the garden with a pop of orange to start. The more you drink, the more the carrot becomes evident, then some celery with 10 fruits and veggies jumping from one taste to the next, and back to orange. Simply superb (One 46 oz. bottle makes 9-16 oz. servings). Product contains: Carrot, Orange, Celery, Beet, Parsley, Lettuce, Spinach, Watercress, White Grape and Apple.


Fruit and veggies never tasted so good! Who said eating fruit and vegetables isn’t any fun? Well, we’ve found the perfect solution to make it super fun and taste great too. Dr. Smoothie introduces the NEW Veggie Smoothie. You’ll never be bored again eating your vegetables.

Enjoy every sip while adding extra nutrition into your daily diet and getting your “5 a day” in a super cool way. Our Vegetable Smoothie’s are so healthy and flavorful, you’ll be surprised that you are actually drinking something that contains vegetables and greens.

With your great health in mind, our Artisans have come up with the perfect addition to our 100% Crushed® product line that will not only heighten your senses but will wow your taste buds.

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a good diet and everyone can benefit by consuming more of them. Variety is important as no single vegetable or fruit provides all of the nutrients a body needs to be healthy.

Dr. Smoothie's Veggie Smoothies include over 9 different fruits and vegetables. Plus, one 20oz. beverage contains 5 servings of fruit/veggies as recommended by health agencies around the world. (Information from USDA, FDA, WHO, NCI)

The USDA and National Cancer Insitute’s “Five a day” program encourages better health by consuming 5 servings of fruit a day.

Get your “Five a Day” the tasty way, with Dr. Smoothie’s 100% Crushed.

Read more about the benefits of “Five a Day”.



Pour Over

1) Pre-Prep: Pour a 46 oz. jar of concentrate into a 64 oz. container. Fill with water and shake well. For a 16 oz. smoothie, fill a 16 oz. cup full of ice. Pour pre-prep into the cup over the ice.
2) Empty cup into blender and blend.

Free Pour

1) Pour 5 oz. into blender container.
2) Add 3 oz. water.
3) 16 oz. serving cup of ice and blend.

Pump Method

1) Pump to 5 oz. mark on blender container.
2) Add 3 oz. water.
3) 16 oz. serving cup of ice and blend.


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Added at: 08-28-2013

what an incredible find after riding my bike for 20 miles, stopped at Nixon's along the Platte and he recommended this...so refreshing, tasty & powered me for the remainder of my ride!